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My mission is to improve your skin’s health. Using a combination of pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques and revolutionary cosmeceutical ingredients my Advanced Medi Therapy treatments are individually tailored to suit your specific skin requirement.

– Angela Silke

Skin Health Consultation

A professional Skin Consultation is an essential part of any skincare journey.

During our comprehensive consultation your skin is analyzed with the help of an imaginary system.

We can closely examine and identify skin issues that are difficult to identify with the human eye.
Your individual skin concerns are discussed and a progressive problem solving treatment plan is set up PLUS a bespoke at home regime to incorporate active ingredients so optimum results for healthy glowing skin is achieved.

Skin-Therapy Facials

Advanced skincare backed by science PREVENTION, CORRECTION, PROTECTION. Skincare treatments and home skincare designed to help prevent future damage, correct the appearance of visible previous damage and protect healthy skin.

Medi-Therapy Facials

Our result driven advanced Medi Therapy facials are all bespoke.

Using a combination of anti-aging techniques with revolutionary cosmeceutical ingredients we address your skin individual concerns with no two facials being the exact same.

Menopause Skin Management

Menopause is the result of fluctuation in hormone levels – these imbalances can lead to hormonal symptoms such as hot flushes, brain fog, broken sleep and skin dryness.

Skin changes such as skin sensitivity and skin dryness all contribute to dull, dehydrated skin lacking in plumpness and radiance with visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Our SIGNATURE MESOGLOW TREATMENT the ultimate against ageing, Our Unique MesoGlow treatment is completely customised with no two facials being the exact same as each session varies according to your skins requirements.


I’ve been attending The Angela Silke Medi-Therapy clinic for 25 years. Angela is the most amazing advanced skincare specialist . Her professionalism and knowledge is on another level. Thanks to Angela my skin is always in pristine condition.


I really trust Angela to do what is best for my skin. After trying many clinics for medical skincare I thankfully went to Angela over 15 years ago. I have stayed loyal to her, her treatments and the products she recommends ever since. Her expertise is obvious from your first consultation. Do yourself a huge favour and book a consultation today. Your skin will thank you.

I have been attending Angela Silke Skin care clinic for over 20 years. Angela is the best in the industry when it comes to her wealth of knowledge with how to look after your skin & the treatments she provides as an advanced skincare specialist.

At my age I am always want to ensure I have the best treatment possible & could not recommend Angela enough.

I am always stopped & asked by people what I do with my skin to make it look glowing all the time and I simply say “Thanks to Angela Silke”.

I am honoured to know Angela Silke as my Skincare Specialist for over four decades, and I continue to look forward to my many appointments with great enthusiasm, where my skin care requirements are discussed, advice & knowledge imparted in utmost confidence. Angela is a superb professional, administering a versatile range of treatments, whilst utilising only the highest quality products available in the market.
Leading from her impeccable state of the art clinic in Sli Gheal, Angela promotes a philosophy of a warm welcome, comfortable atmosphere & a TOP NOTCH service.

Angela is a TRUE, FIRST-CLASS Advanced Skincare Specialist.